Benefits of our Service

Our consumers regularly benefit from cost reductions of up to 40% in comparison to the double glazing costs that they obtain themselves

Consumer Dislikes

Benefits of Window Advice Centre


Hours and hours with numerous double glazing salesmen


Single visit from one impartial expert to get quotes from up to 10 quality approved replacement window contractors


Biased information from double glazing salesman


Impartial advice from qualified building professionals


High pressure sales techniques


Freedom from sales pressure


Estimates for replacement windows or doors of varying quality and content making cost comparison difficult


Directly comparable quotations for replacement windows tailored to optimise the benefits you want


Inadequate documentation allowing huge variations in the quality of the installation


Detailed specification documents tailored to suit your individual requirements


Contracts prepared to protect the contractor


Contracts prepared to protect the consumer


Pressure to release immediate payment


Independent technical inspection before final payment


Arguments with unresponsive contractors


Legally binding remedial instructions (if required)


Illegal replacement windows that devalue your home


Windows that fully comply with building regulations


Short-term restricted guarantees and vulnerable warranties


Properly constituted 10 years Insurance backed guarantees

Benefit from Experience

Window Advice Centre has over 40 years experience researching the quality, reliability and costs of double glazing and replacement window contractors. Window Advice Centre maintains a Register of Approved Contractors who have successfully undergone vigorous vetting.

Having matched the client’s needs to contractor ability, only the most competitive Approved Contractors are invited to quote

Benefit from Competitive Tendering

Competitive tendering is a means for consumers to make the best use of competitive market forces to obtain the best offer that can be obtained from the market at that particular point in time.

Under the Window Advice Centre’s competitive tendering process, without revealing the consumer’s identity, up to ten contractors are provided with the dimensions and technical specifications of the proposed new windows and replacement glazing to be supplied. This ensures that contractors calculate their costs to install the new windows and doors on a like for like basis.

Knowing that Window Advice Centre recommends consideration of the lowest quotation received ensures that the contractors will submit the lowest quote that they can in order to be awarded the contract. This process ensures that consumers obtain the best price for the best double glazing available

Benefit from Cost Efficiency

By necessity, double glazing contractors have to include, in their normal pricing structure, a sufficient amount to pay for advertising and sales commissions. As most consumers will invite multiple quotes for their window replacement but accept only one, double glazing contractors need to include, in each quote, enough to cover the sales-force time on the contracts that they do not secure.

For some of these double glazing firms, over 40% of the amount the consumer pays for their window replacement goes to advertising and sales commission.

Through Window Advice Centre, approved contractors can have access to millions of pounds of business every year without incurring any of these speculative advertising and sales costs.

Through Window Advice Centre approved contractors are obliged to deduct their advertising and sales costs from their normal price structure and instead only include the cost of tendering through Window Advice Centre.

This approach allows us to regularly save individual purchasers anything from a few hundred to literally thousands of pounds with no compromise on quality.

The Benefits of using Window Advice Centre

If you are a homeowner in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Stirling, Dundee, Lanarkshire, Ayrshire or elsewhere across Scotland and are interested in finding out more about the Benefits of our Service then do not hesitate to contact Window Advice Centre by telephone on 0141 332 7878 or arrange a FREE no obligation Survey of your property by clicking this Book a FREE Survey link. From a single Survey you receive itemised quotations from up to 10 of the most suitable competitive approved contractors.

Remember, the Window Advice Centre service is designed to offer you the absolute best impartial consumer advice and is provided without charge or obligation. Founded in 1981 to assist consumers in line with the recommendations of the Office of Fair Trading. We offer impartial expert advice on: Secondary Glazing, Double Glazing, Triple Glazing, Residential Doors, Thermal Efficiency, Weather Resistance, Security, Noise Reduction, Product Lifespan, Planning and Building Regulations, Contractor Competence, Costs and Value for Money. All of our Consultants are Qualified Architects or Members of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists.

How Our Process Works



From an Impartial Double Glazing Expert



1 Survey – Up to 10 double glazing contractors quotes



Detailed Close Inspection Prior to Payment



10 year insurance backed guarantees